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El Sol Logistics began as a small grass roots company in 1996 (at the time called El Sol Delivery).

I started the company after meeting several local antique dealers, stores, and designers. I quickly realized that there was a need for a knowledgeable delivery company that specialized in transporting delicate furniture items. 

With the assistance of my wife, Gentil Najera, I was able to meet other local stores to service. The growth of the company has always been widely spread through word of mouth, and I feel proud to say that through the years, we have been able to maintain a working relationship with many of our original clients.

Over the years I have seen many competitors and partners close their doors. We have been fortunate to experience steady yearly growth, and I foresee its continuation, but more importantly, I look forward to making new friendships with the design community.

After many years of working hands-on in the field with my team members, I have learned how to handle almost any piece of furniture properly.

Some may say that we take too much caution when handling items, but I simply do not agree that there can ever be too much care given. Throughout the years, our clients have entrusted us to install millions of dollars in art, lighting, and furniture. There are many ways to transport furniture and household items, I have always chosen to complete the task with every item as if it were my own.












Owner and co-owner of El Sol Logistics, Adrian and Gentil Najera.

Owner and co-owner of El Sol Logistics, Adrian and Gentil Najera.

El Sol Logistics continues to grow as a company, but we have also grown as individuals. We must constantly strive to excel in everything that we do.
— Adrian Najera, Owner